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Let Wizard Academy Press be Your Publisher

You’ve always known that you have a book in you. Are you ready to bring it out to a waiting world?

Founded by New York Times and Wall Street Journal multiple-bestselling author Roy H. Williams, Wizard Academy Press is an independent publishing company available exclusively to the students of Wizard Academy. Let me clarify that. We’ll sell books to anybody. It’s just that we publish only the books of our graduates. And the Wizard Academy alumni include a number of extremely successful authors.

Q: Why do you publish only the books of your students?

A: With more than 2000 graduates in our alumni family and another 25 to 50 students graduating each month, Wizard Academy receives more than enough manuscripts from our student body to keep us busy, busy, busy. We couldn’t keep up if we opened the door any wider. For more information, visit www.WizardAcademy.org.

Q: If I graduate from your school, am I guaranteed that you’ll publish my book?

A: No. We reserve the right to “send you back to the drawing board” if your manuscript needs significant editing or revision. But in these instances we will tell you as specifically as possible what needs to be changed.

Q: What if I want a traditional soft-cover or hard-back book?

A: No problem. We ask only that you pay the printer, designers, etc.

Q: Who owns the copyright?

A: You do. Wizard Academy Press retains only the right to continue printing “our” version of your book. Should you succeed in enticing another publisher to publish and distribute your book through more traditional channels, you can count on your friends at Wizard Academy Press to clap and cheer and do everything in our power to ensure that your traditional bookstore debut is a big success.

Q: Will you edit my book?
A: No. That's something that you will have to arrange on your own (usually you'll be able to convince a fellow Wizard Academy graduate to do this for you). Additionally, we can put you in touch with qualified and experienced editors, illustrators, designers, etc. if you decide you need them.

Q: Can Wizard Academy Press guarantee distribution into traditional bookstores?
A: No, our primary focus is only to bring your book into existence and make it available through online channels such as Amazon.com and WizardAcademyPress.com.

Q: Will I receive an advance on royalties?
A: You’re kidding, right?

Q: Whose voice will be on the audiobook?
A: That’s largely up to you. We have a number of very affordable professional voices available to the recording studios of Wizard Academy Press, or you can send us fully recorded audio files featuring your own voice or one of your choosing. But this is a decision that won’t need to be made until we have approved your manuscript. But generally speaking, we will provide all that is necessary to turn your edited and approved manuscript into an audiobook.

Q: Do I get approval rights on the cover design, etc?
A: The general rule is this: The publisher at no time requires the approval of the author. The author at all times requires the approval of the publisher.

Q: Let’s talk about money.
A: Are you ready for the good news? Wizard Academy Press offers, hands down, the most generous publishing split in America. After deducting the hard cost of materials, we give our authors 50% of the gross profits. That’s approximately 2.5 to 3 times the amount delivered by traditional publishers.

For more information call us at (800) 425-4769 or email Sean@WizardofAds.com

Note from the Publisher: In 2002 we started Wizard Academy Press as a vehicle for the graduates of Wizard Academy to easily become published authors. Eight years and 109 products later we've decided that Wizard Academy Press is in need of a makeover.

Authors with hardcover and soft cover books will be given the choice of having their book redesigned for the Kindle, iPad, Nook or continuing to print books on their own.

If you are interested in having your book converted to a digital reader format the cost is $249, and should take about 2 weeks for the conversion.

If you are interested in publishing an audio book with us here are the new rates. We've based our pricing on word count to make it easy for author to calculate their cost.

There are 4 different levels of production:

Level 1 - Single Voice Read - $150 per 1000 words
Level one is a single read-through by you or someone you wish to voice your book. We will record, edit and clean up the audio file in our studios in Austin. EXAMPLE – Sundown in Muskogee

Level 2 - Single Voice with Professional-Voice Chapter Headings and intro music- $175 per 1000 words
Level two builds upon level 1 by adding a professional voice for the book title and chapter titles. We will also include music beds to begin the audio recording, chapter intro music and final exit music. EXAMPLE - Why We Blog

Level 3 - Multiple Voices, including Dramatic Character Voices - $250 per 1000 words
Level three is a big jump in production. We will take your book with multiple characters and bring them to life. This level also includes the music, etc. offered in level two. EXAMPLE - The Natural Advantages of Women

Level 4 – Multiple Voices (Level 3) with Sound Effects added - $300 per 1000 words
When a door closes softly, you hear it close softly. If it slams shut, you hear it slam shut. Level 4 is full blown Wizard Academy Press production. We do everything in our power to make your book come to life. Listeners are pulled into your tale through dramatic reading and sound effects. If you write dialogue and need it to sound real, this is it. EXAMPLES: Alice in Wonderland, Free the Beagle

Are You Ready to be Famous?

Do you want to know how to become a world-renowned expert? It’s easy, really. All you have to do is:

1. Look around until you find something that interests you.
2. Think about it a lot.
3. Make some interesting observations.
4. Have a few new ideas and form a couple of theories.
5. Put your ideas and theories to the test, then
6. Begin sharing what you’ve learned.
7. Continue to repeat steps 2 through 6 and soon you’ll be recognized as an expert. Crowds will come from far and wide to hear what you have to say. You’ll be asked to speak at conferences. People will give you money. Yes, it really is that easy.

The problem is that most of us fear we’re not qualified to observe and think for ourselves and then theorize, test, and expound on what we’ve learned. We think it requires special credentials or something. Or we’re afraid that someone will ask, “Who do you think you are?” So we quote countless others instead of ourselves. But following a path worn smooth by others will never set you apart from the crowd. No matter how well you sing a song made famous by another, you’ll always be considered a lounge act, a cover artist, a karaoke queen. To become a superstar you’ve got to sing what’s never been sung.

I traveled to Hollywood recently to watch my friend David Freeman mesmerize an auditorium full of big shots at the Los Angeles Film School. David's journey began a few years ago when he decided to study the screenplays of all the most successful films ever made. After purchasing hundreds of manuscripts, David carefully noted and categorized each new technique he encountered until there were no more to be found. He then codified his observations to make them teachable and began teaching them to whomever would listen. Within a very few years, David had become the top screenwriting coach in the world. His methods for creating interesting characters and plots have been enthusiastically embraced throughout the television and film industry and now the video-game companies are asking for his help as well.

Do you want to read a book that will blow your mind? David gave it to me when I went to see him in Hollywood and I read it on the plane on the way home. If you’ve ever read a comic strip, Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud will absolutely rock your world. Interestingly, Scott became the world’s foremost authority on sequential graphic storytelling in exactly the same way that David became the authority on screenwriting.

Will You Become a Wizard?

Contrary to popular belief, wizards are not born – they are self-created. And the process has nothing to do with higher education or special powers: wizardry is attained only through perseverance. Beginning as average people with oversized curiosities, wizards tend to emerge slowly from a long-simmering soup of passion and commitment. Think of them as children who keep tugging mommy’s dress and asking, “Why?”

I say to the students of Wizard Academy: “There are as many kinds of wizards as there are passions in the hearts of humanity, yet a single characteristic is common to them all: wizards love to be fascinated. Refusing to be restricted by the limitations of the body, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Stephen Hawking attained the status of Wizards of Worlds. Read of Henry Ford and the Wright Brothers and you’ll witness the birth of Wizards of Wrenches. Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, and Dr. Seuss stand in a centuries-long line of Wizards of Words. Teddy Roosevelt, Mother Teresa, and Martin Luther King were Wizards of a Contagious Dream.”

My question for you is simply this: What kind of wizard will you be?

Roy H. Williams
Founder, Wizard Academy and Wizard Academy Press