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How Past Generations Shape Our Present and Predict Our Future

By Roy H. Williams and Michael Drew

Politics, manners, humor, sexuality, wealth, even our definitions of success are periodically renegotiated based on the new values society chooses
to use as a lens to judge what is acceptable.

Are these new values randomly chosen or is there a pattern?

Pendulum chronicles the stuttering history of western society; that endless back-and-forth swing between one excess and another, always reminded of what we left behind.

There is a pattern and it is 40 years: 2003 was a fulcrum year, as was 1963, its opposite.

Pendulum explains where we have been as a society, how we got here, and where we are headed. If you would benefit from a peek into the future,
you would do well to read this book.


Pendulum offers fascinating insights into the surprises and revelations of shifting social trends throughout history.  Roy H. Williams and Michael Drew answer the age-old question:  What makes us tick?”
—Harvey Mackay, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive
“If you're trying to get a grip on why we do what we do, there's a way forward: It's  Pendulum. Roy Williams and Michael Drew have explored the profound shifts in society from ancient times to now and created a blueprint to civilization. To understand your clients, to understand the market, to understand your own motivations – read  Pendulum.”
—T. Harv Eker, author of #1 New York Times bestseller Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
“How do you predict what kind of society we're in?  How do you know when's the right time to make a difference? In Pendulum, Roy H. Williams and Michael R. Drew have combed through history's ups and downs and the cultural shifts that ripple through every generation. They've written a unique guidebook that has an interesting perspective for marketers, entrepreneurs, and anyone is thinking about how to live in the now—and in the future.”
—Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos and New York Times bestselling author of Delivering Happiness

“In today's business environment you need to anticipate and understand consumers as never before. You need to drive change and create step-and-repeat processes. Roy H. Williams and Michael R. Drew nail it in Pendulum. They've looked in the mirror of history, and found a reflective pattern. And while every businessperson is running the gauntlet of business, they can use the book to become more competitive, nimble and ready to drive change and grow! Every generation thinks a bit differently than the previous one – and Pendulum tells you why. Saddle up for an insightful read, and an essential tool.”
—Jeffrey Hayzlett, Former CMO Kodak, Global Business & Marketing Authority and bestselling author of The Mirror Test and Running the Gauntlet

“If you want to better understand the world we live in, then read Pendulum. Roy H. Williams and Michael Drew have uncovered the secrets to how society shifts from generation to generation—and why that matters to all of us.”
—Marci Shimoff, New York Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason

“If you've ever wondered why people did what they did, why cultural change happened and even what led to some of mankind's greatest discoveries, then Pendulum has the answers. Roy H. Williams and Michael Drew take you through three millennia on an astounding roller-coaster ride of shifts in society to get at the heart of why we do what we do—and how we can understand not only where we are, but where we're going.”
—Greg S. Reid, co-author of Think and Grow Rich: Three Feet from Gold
Pendulum is a profoundly powerful read. This revelatory new book provides insight to social trends that will emerge in the years to come. Pendulum impacted how I approach business and it will change how you view the world.”
—Rich Christiansen, entrepreneur and USA Today bestselling author of The Zig Zag Principle

“If you want to know where the future is headed and prepare for what is to come, then you have to read this book. Pendulum will help you better understand society and social behavior like it has never before been explained. This book is a true gem and a must-read.”
—Randy Garn, CRO of Prosper Inc., and co-author of the New York Times bestseller Prosper: Create the Life You Really Want

"Pendulum may be the most important book you read all year. This is not a book about business but one about how culture has changed, which will dramatically alter the way you must do business. It will open your eyes to exactly what is happening in the world today and how your business must respond. "
Eric Rhoads, Publisher, Radio Ink

“We've all heard how history repeats. Now we know why. We humans swing from selfish to social every generation or so, and civilization swings with us. In their surprising, insightful and witty new book, Pendulum, Roy H. Williams and Michael Drew explain us to us. They explore the real reasons behind some of civilization's greatest advances—and retreats. They show us why we repeat ourselves—but they also give us the tools that might prevent future catastrophes.”
—Robert J. Hughes, former Wall Street Journal reporter and author of Late and Soon
"Times change, but some things remain consistent: People either think of themselves or of others. The question is, how do you know when (and what does it mean) Roy H. Williams and Michael R. Drew have figured that out in Pendulum, their razor-sharp look at cultural shifts over the last 3,000 years (and the next ones too). Whether you try to come up with a new dish at KFC, a special pie at Pizza Hut or a menu change at Taco Bell, you need to know your customer. Pendulum gives you that knowledge.
— Jonathan Blum, SVP and Chief Public Affairs and Global Nutrition Officer of YUM brands

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  1. I can't read the paper anymore without thinking of this book.

    Posted by Brian Massey on 20th Nov 2013

    There is a compelling amount of evidence presented in this book that Western society swings from an individualistic "Me" culture to a civic-minded "We" and back over 80 years. According to this fascinating book, we are swinging up into a "We" society, a society that will look more like WW II America than the America that elected a movie star for President.

    If you choose to read it, you are going to begin to see signs of shifts in the headlines of your daily newspaper or in the feed reader of your Smartphone. We are starting to see in the headlines an America that is gathering around causes. We are also seeing a low tolerance for those who don't fit. The polarization in Washington is one big sign. Even the politicians are "taking sides" and there is little tolerance for moderate positions outside the party lines.

    Stories and movies about going green, ending Madison Avenue style advertising, and eliminating processed foods are prolific. These were once hippy sentiments in our individualistic days, but these causes have gone mainstream as our civic society has begun to form groups and work together.

    If the book is to be believed, we will soon start to see intolerance and even suppression of outliers. Will the parents of obese children be ostracized at PTA meetings? Will our homes be egged if we don't have solar panels on our roofs? We will find out by the time our Pendulum reaches the top of another swing in 2023.

    For anyone in advertising or marketing, this book is a must. It will tell you why our communications have stopped working and what to do about it.

    As with any good book, this one raises many questions as it delivers its insights. I highly recommend it.

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