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Q: Problem with an Order?
If you are having problems placing an order on this site, please contact our support department at orders@wizardacademypress.com. Our support department is currently compiling a list of known and common issues to greater assist you in the ordering process. You can also reach us by calling...

Domestic: 1 ¤ 800 ¤ 425 ¤ 4769
International: 1 ¤ 512 ¤ 295 ¤ 5700

Q: How do I add products to my cart?
While viewing product categories or a product description, click "add to cart" to add an item to your order. Featured products may be added to your cart by clicking "buy now."

Q: What is the handling charge that I see on my bill?
This charge is added to every order to cover the labor of creating the items on demand, packaging them, and shipping them to your home. You are always notified of any charges prior to charging your credit card.

Q: Is WizardAcademyPress.com a secure site to order on?
Absolutely! We use 128 bit SSL encryption provided by a seure site certificate issued from GeoTrust. GeoTrust is one of the most popular and well respect online security specialist companies in the world. You can always order with ease and comfort at WizardAcademyPress.com.

Thanks for buying from WizardAcademyPress.com.
Sean Taylor, Product Manager